Portfolio Manager

Our Portfolio Tracking Portal aims to offer a summary of all open positions for any wallets and addresses an investor would like to track. Navigating to the “Open Positions” tab, you’ll find a list of all assets associated with your selected wallet(s) & address(es) organized in an easily digestible manner. With customizable settings that enable a variety of relevant trade related information to be clearly displayed according to your personal preferences. From general information such as, Ticker Symbol, Last Traded Price, % change, etc. to personalized data points specific to your own positions such as Profit/Loss change over the previous 24hrs, total Profit/Loss of any individual Open position, cost basis, Net liquidating value(per position), Net Liquidating value(all positions combined) to more complex liquidity provisioning positions and yield farming positions.

Charting Package

Charts offer several benefits to investors, including a visual representation of an underlying asset’s price movements over a period of time. This allows one to easily track the underlying asset’s performance. Charts can also provide investors with valuable information enabling technical analysis. This includes utilizing indicators such as moving averages, trend lines, or identifying support and resistance levels, all of which can help investors make informed decisions about when to buy or sell that underlying asset. Overall, charts are an important tool for investors who want to make informed decisions and manage their finances effectively. We plan to offer a variety of upper and lower indicators.


An important aspect of providing any robust position management platform is offering notifications informing the user of important events occurring. Our notification service will alert users of any type of interaction engaged in by any activated address. Examples of tracked events are: peer to peer transactions, staking tokens, redeeming vested tokens, swaps, liquidity provisions, yield farming, lending, borrowing, NFT sales/purchases, bridging transactions. Anytime an address is engaged, you will have the choice to receive a timely, detailed description of the event that’s occurring.

Trading Floor

The trading floor will offer users access to all noteworthy dApps, conveniently bringing together various trading and investment opportunities in one place. Some examples are:

  • Trading (AMM/Orderbook)

  • Lending & Borrowing (Sigmafi/duckpools/EXLE)

  • SigUSD, dexy, mint redeem

  • Provide iquidity/Yield farm (Spectrum/duckpools)

  • Stake, redeem (Ergopad)

  • Grid trading bots

  • Options minting (Sigma O)

  • Bridge (with liquidity panel)

  • Babel fee liquidity provision/visualization

Accounting tools

Meticulous accounting is essential for users to remain tax compliant. Unfortunately, most ecosystems currently lack affordable options for effective accounting, leading to a costly subscription or a nightmare of manually untangling trading history and tracking profits and losses. Crux Finance will simplify this process by providing users with easy profit and loss report generation for any number of wallets. This toolset will evolve over the course of both development phases in the form of v.1 and v.2 releases. The initial version will supply a user interface allowing transaction history downloads in CSV formats compatible with pre-existing tax reporting platforms. With v.2 expanding to function as a standalone accounting service, offering a multitude of downloadable tax forms.

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