Token Utility

The Crux token’s central utility is to serve as the platform’s primary payment option. Discounts will be granted to subscribers who opt to pay dues using Crux. Paying subscription dues using the Crux token will award subscribers a 30% discount.

25% of platform revenue will be distributed to token holders who have staked their tokens using our staking portal. Revenue is distributed Monthly and will begin 3 months after the official platform launch. Note: Revenue shared from subscriptions paid in Crux token will be shared with stakers in the form of Crux tokens. However, revenue shared from subscriptions paid in $Erg or stablecoin will be shared in $Erg. This means dues paid in stablecoin will be used to purchase $Erg, to then be distributed to stakers.

Additionally, 10% of all subscription dues collected in Crux tokens will be burned, imposing deflationary pressure on the token supply, permanently removing burned tokens from circulation.

Further token utility will come in the form of User Incentive rewards. This allocation is labeled “User Incentives v.1 and v.2” in the tokenomics section. Both v.1 and v.2 will equally share the 20% allocation (10,000,000 tokens each). This program offers rewards that include rebates to incentivize longer subscription commitments from users. Lifetime subscriptions receive the most significant rebate, followed by annual subscribers. Monthly subscribers will not qualify for subscription rebates. However, with consistent platform usage all subscribers can qualify for a variety of loyalty rewards. User incentives v.2 will be reserved to reward users after the platform expansion phase.

The Crux token will also be utilized to offer benefits for holders who support the token’s liquidity pool and are willing stake their liquidity pool tokens. This allocation is labeled “Liquidity Incentives v.1 and v.2” in the tokenomics. Both v.1 and v.2 will equally share the 16% (8,000,000 tokens each). Liquidity incentives v.2 will be reserved to further bootstrap liquidity during the platform expansion phase.


After each contribution phase, 10% of the total amount raised will be committed to liquidity. The initial Crux token liquidity pool will be created on November 1st. To aid in liquidity growth, users who commit to staking their liquidity pool tokens will begin accruing rewards from the liquidity incentives earmarked in the tokenomics section. This reward is meant to be sizable, yet short lived, since the design purpose is to bootstrap liquidity. The emissions for v.1 will be exhausted after 12 months.

Loyalty Program

In addition to the rebate for subscribers, (20% for lifetime subscribers, 10% for annual subscribers) user metrics will determine Loyalty Program rewards over the first 60 months after official platform launch. The intention here is to reward the long-term active user base.

Examples of Token bounties awarded for the following activities:

  • First lifetime subscriber.

  • First 10 lifetime subscribers.

  • First 25 lifetime subscribers.

  • First annual subscriber.

  • First 25 annual subscribers.

  • First 100 annual subscribers.

  • Most active user of the month, each month.

  • Top 10 most active platform users of the month, each month.

  • Most active user of the year, each year.

  • Top 25 most active platform users of the year, each year.

  • First 50 monthly plan subscribers.

  • First 250 monthly plan subscribers.

  • First tax form download.

  • First 10 tax form downloads.

  • First 100 tax form downloads.

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