Platform Expansion

The goal for this platform is to provide users access to ample resources, ultimately providing a quality of life improvement in their cryptocurrency endeavors. For this reason, the natural course of action for expanding the platform is to integrate wallets and assets from multiple blockchains. To have a platform where one can view an amalgamation of investments, complex financial positions and assets spanning across several blockchains is the aspiration of Crux Finance. Supplying such instruments will impart meaningful benefits to each supported ecosystem.

With the Ergo community's support, we’ll deliver the first iteration of this platform, not only as a proof of concept, but as a vital foundation for the future multi chain platform we envision.

Any release of tokens from the Platform Expansion allocation will be done so at no greater than a 10% discount to the market rate at that time and must coincide with a cliff and vesting period no shorter than 3 months each.

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