Business Model

A subscription-based business model is fitting for this platform design. With significant discounts to users who opt to pay their subscription dues using our native token and those willing to commit to longer subscription periods. The fee schedule will be denominated in Stablecoin. When paying fees with the Crux token, a 30% discount will be awarded. Subscribers that prefer to use stablecoin or $Erg will have the option to do so while also benefiting from a rebate. The rebate amount is dependent on your subscription duration, with annual subscribers receiving a 10% rebate, and lifetime subscribers receiving a 20% rebate. Note: Lifetime subscriptions will only be available to early subscribers.


Initially, a Premium level lifetime subscription will be $1500 in stablecoin, or $1050 paid using Crux token. Users paying dues with stablecoin or $Erg receive a 20% rebate ($300 value) credited to the user in the form of Crux tokens.

For a Premium level annual subscription, payment would be $105 paid in Crux tokens or $150 paid in stablecoin, minus the 10% rebate ($15 value) paid to the user in Crux token.

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