User Acquisition

User Base

Crux Finance seeks to serve a wide user base in the cryptocurrency DeFi industry. By simplifying the DeFi experience. Crux will onboard New Users in hopes of accelerating the growth and adoption of numerous open-source protocols. For average and power users already familiar with or proficient in DeFi, Crux will not merely provide a factor of convenience but rather a chance to accelerate one’s process of identifying opportunities by providing a new set of analytics tools.

Targeting New Users

Our target audience consists of individuals who are new to eUTxO and DeFi. These users are seeking a simplified and user-friendly experience when it comes to cryptocurrency and investing. Crux aims to provide value by facilitating their learning and exploration of the crypto world. DeFi can be daunting, with various websites and user experiences to navigate. Crux simplifies this process by presenting DeFi in a streamlined and intuitive manner. Our platform will offer a Research panel enabling new users to familiarize themselves with an ecosystem. The Trading panel will allow them to explore at their own pace, and the tax portal addresses the concerns of users who may feel overwhelmed by accounting for their trades, offering a solution that encourages their engagement with DeFi.

Targeting Non-Power Users

Our target audience also includes individuals who have used DeFi protocols in the past but do not consider themselves 'Power users.' These users are likely familiar with various dApps, but may not feel proficient in DeFi strategies. Crux caters to their needs by offering the Research and Analytics panel. These features educate and empower users to make informed trading decisions and develop effective strategies. With Crux as their primary platform, users will enhance their knowledge and interaction with the ecosystem’s dApps and tools.

Targeting Advanced Users

In addition to catering to new and non-power users, Crux also serves individuals who possess extensive investing and trading experience, whether that expertise stems from TradFi or other areas of the DeFi universe. Crux will enable advanced users to focus on identifying opportunities and capitalizing on them quickly, rather than juggling across multiple platforms or relying on external tools and spreadsheets. A large aspect of successful investing relies on clearly visualizing a whole portfolio of positions. The Portfolio Manager will be the advanced user's most utilized tool. Without easily assessing asset correlation, determining risk exposure for an investor's entire portfolio is obscured, and effective hedging of that portfolio is nearly impossible. This is an absolutely critical aspect of the platform’s appeal to the advanced user group.

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